Buy Hikvision and Dahua CCTV Security cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Access controls and other security systems for best prices in Kenya. Get network installations, wifi internet extension to cover more areas. Enjoy after sales, installation support and warranty on all items and installations

Installing Risco Alarm System In Kenya

Installing Risco Alarm System In Kenya. What to consider: Security & Smart Home Basics Security System Tips Glossary FAQ   End Elements Detectors and operating devices: Identify various hazards on site via detectors based on innovative technology. There are detectors that alert to home intrusion, while some other detectors identify a range of safety hazards … Read more

Get Started Installing Risco Alarm Systems in Kenya

Installing a Risco alarm system in Kenya is a straightforward process. It involves selecting the right equipment, setting up the system, and programming it to meet the customer's needs. Professional installation is recommended to ensure the system is correctly set up and functioning properly.

Choose the Right CCTV Camera Kit for Home or Business in Kenya

How to Choose the Right CCTV Camera Kit for Your Home or Business in Kenya Choosing the right CCTV camera kit for your home or business in Kenya can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your needs. To help you make … Read more

Choosing the Right CCTV Camera for Your Surveillance Needs

When choosing a CCTV camera for your surveillance needs, consider the type of camera, the camera's features, the camera's resolution, and the camera's price. Additionally, think about the environment where the camera will be installed and the purpose of the camera. With the right information, you can make an informed decision and find the best camera for your needs.

CCTV installation companies in Kenya.

CCTV Installation Company in Kenya |¬†Network Installation company in Kenya CCTV dealers in Kenya | CCTV installation services. CCTV Installation Services in Kenya offered by a reputable CCTV and network Installation Company Outstech Solutions. We are the best all round Security and Network engineering services, sales of equipment and installation in Kenya Our Security solutions … Read more

Network Installation, Network Cabling, Wireless Networking

Network Installation, Network Cabling, Wireless Networking Network Installation Outstech Solutions is a leading provider of IT infrastructure and Network Installations Kenya,¬† we provide IT Support and installation for voice, data, video, and wireless solutions. Our clients rely on our highly qualified IT Consultants and technicians as a single source for all their design-build network installation, … Read more
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