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Get Hikvision CCTV Cameras i.e. HD & Turbo HD dome & bullet camera, network/IP Cameras, PTZ Cameras as well as DVRs and NVRs at competitive prices from Outstech solutions Nairobi Kenya. We are Hikvision Kenya dealers in partnership with the leading Authorized Hikvision distributors in Kenya.

HD Cameras
Hikvision HD 720P Small Bullet/Dome KES             1,500.00
Hikvision HD 720P IT3 KES             4,250.00
Hikvision HD 720P Varifocal KES             5,250.00
Hikvision HD 1080P Small KES             2,500.00
Hikvision HD 720P Varifocal KES             6,750.00
Network Cameras KES              4500.00
1.3mp Bullet/Dome KES            3,250.00
2.0 Mp Bullet/Dome KES           4500.00
3mp Bullet/Dome KES           5500.00
4mp Bullet Small KES           6500.00
4mp Bullet/Dome Large KES           7500.00
Mini PTZ HIKVISION KES          15050.00
PTZ HikVIson KES           35,750.00
DVR-Video Recorders for HD Cameras,
4 Channels-Can Connect 4 Cameras White KES             5,850.00
8 Channels-Can Connect 8 Cameras White KES             9,100.00
16 Channels Can Connect 16 Cameras White KES           15,600.00
4 Channels-Can Connect 4 Cameras Black KES             6,500.00
8 Channels-Can Connect 8 Cameras Black KES           9,500.00
16 Channels Can Connect 16 Cameras Black KES           17,550.00
4 Channels-Can Connect 4 Cameras 1080P KES             9,100.00
8 Channels-Can Connect 8 Cameras 1080P KES           13,500.00
16 Channels Can Connect 16 Cameras 1080P KES           22,400.00
32 Channel KES           35,000.00
NVR-Video Recorders for IP (Network Cameras), KES                          –
4 Channels, KES           13,500.00
8 Channels, KES           17,500.00
16 Channels, KES           28,500.00
32  Channels KES           66,000.00
 KES                          –
Hardisk-Internal Storage, KES                          –
500 GB, KES             4,800.00
1 TB, KES             6,500.00
2 TB, KES             9,500.00
HIK Vision CCTV Price List | Hubtechshop Nairobi Kenya
HIK Vision CCTV Price List

Our Hikvision products are imported and of high quality, they also come with a one year’s warranty period. We have Professional and Highly Qualified Technical Team. Our prices fit any buyer whether the end user or those who do resale.

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cctv solutions Kenya is a trusted Hikvision CCTV Cameras shop in Nairobi, Kenya with express delivery countrywide and a proven track record on variety, best prices, speedy delivery and excellent service.

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