This 1080P Solar Panel Power CCTV has the following Specifications:

Main Control Chip: Hess Hi3518Ev200 (Low Power)
Image sensor: 1/2.7 1.3 MP CMOS
Resolution: 1080P H.264 Bit Stream Adaptive
Audio: Two-way voice calls, self-echo cancellation built-in speaker, microphone (distance 5 meters)
Lens: 4MM @ F1.2, visual angle 104 degrees

Night vision: 6 infrared lamps, wavelength 850 nm, 1 Lux
Connection: WIFI 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n protocol
Transmission distance: 50M outdoor and 10M indoor (depending on the environment)
Storage: Supports TF cards with maximum support of 32G (15 seconds per video)
Video: Video clicks are supported by local video devices on mobile phones

Alarm: PIR detection sensitivity is high/middle/low level adjustable, induction distance is 3-5 meters (adjust angle according to actual situation)
Message push time: 2-8s push cell phone (related to network speed)
Wake-up Mode: PIR Wake-up/Mobile Wake-up
Software: for Android 2.3 and above smartphones, for IOS
APP: Toose Plus

Waterproof Grade: Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Grade Design
Batteries: 2pcs 3400 mAH 18650 batteries (DC5V-1A, last for 3-4 months)
Solar energy: 1W, connected to solar panels for charging, and electricity will never stop.
Power Consumption:
Average Standby Current of Equipment: 300uA, Average Working Current: 250mA
Package Weight: 754g/26.6oz

Package List:
1 * Camera (Batteries Included)
1 * Installation Kit
1 * User Manual

This camera totally wire free, it literally screws to the wall and then connects to your phone APP through your Wi-Fi.  It is the solution for areas that cannot be wired easily and ideally also receive a decent amount of sunlight.

It does not have to be in direct sunlight but it would charge better with a bit of direct sunlight a day.

The units come with 2 heavy duty rechargeable batteries, This can be upgraded to 4 batteries doubling the standby capacity.

Under ideal conditions the sunlight received would power the unit and charge the batteries enough during the day so that the batteries can take over at night time and on cloudy days.

If however the batteries do drop in power they can be easily topped up by plugging a small USB charging cable into the underside of the camera. (supplied), using a standard mobile phone charger. (not supplied)

1080P Solar Panel Power CCTV
1080P Solar Panel Power CCTV

Under average conditions the standard battery pack should last 2-3 months before maybe needing a boost. And with the battery upgrade they should last for 5-6 months.

These figures are based on the unit being woken up on average 10 times a day, this is when the movement sensor on the front of the camera is triggered and it starts recording.

1080P Solar Powered Security Camera

Adopt the latest solution, Create high quality security


1.SOLAR POWERED SECURITY CAMERA: Wifi camera equipped with solar panel, and built-in rechargeable battery, No power cord required, 100% wire free;

2.SPECIAL DESIGN: Solar panel is removable and extensible, If the location where ip camera installed is not enough light, Solar panels can be installed separately in a well-lit area;

3.DOUBLE NIGHT VISION MODE: ip camera has infrared night vision and full color night vision, it makes nighttime picture quality clearer;

4.RADAR MOTION DETECTION: Different from PIR motion detection, Radar detection will be more accurate;

5.24-HOUR LIVE VIDEO: Watch live videos on your mobile app for free.


1. This wireless camera only support 2.4G wifi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n), don’t support 5G (IEEE 802.11ac).

2. Camera need wifi or ethernet, or you can not watch live video remotely.

3. The solar panel can be removed when the lighting at the installation location is insufficient. Independent installation of solar panels using extension cords.

4. Solar camera doesn’t support cloud storage, you can use your own TF card.

5. If you can not connect camera to your wifi, please restart your router, reset camera, delete camera in app (If connected before), then connect again, put your phone and wifi camera closer to your router when connecting.

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1080P Solar Panel Power CCTV
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