Huawei B593 Router with Simcard slot

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Huawei B593 Router with Simcard slot
Huawei B593 Router with Simcard slot is an ideal home entertainment and information exchange hub ,providing multiple devices simultaneous high speed internet access.It has Sim slots which can accommodate Standard Sim Cards of 4G Networks i.e safaricom ,Airtel and Telecom Networks. The HUAWEI b593 is also perfect for small office/ Home office and small business with its connectivity options to VOIP phone ,fax,printers and other office equipment .Able to connect via Wifi and RJ45 connector supports wired and wireless network access supports up to 32 devices via wifi and 4 devices via ethernet interface.Hassle free ,just plug-n-play.Friendly user interface .Sim lock released for usage with any 3G/4G network world wide 2xSMA -female .External antenna slot unlimited operation time sim type. Standard sim card wi-fi 802 .22b/g/n built in UMTS and WLAN high gain antenna Data and SMS service

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