CCTV Installation Company in Kenya

CCTV installation companies in Kenya.

CCTV Installation Company in Kenya | Network Installation company in Kenya

CCTV dealers in Kenya | CCTV installation services.

CCTV Installation Services in Kenya offered by a reputable CCTV and network Installation Company Outstech Solutions.
We are the best all round Security and Network engineering services, sales of equipment and installation in Kenya
Our Security solutions help in deterring and protection of the interiors and exteriors of a particular property be it Home security, Access control or business premises including go downs, shops, stores or warehouses.

Why use CCTV Cameras.

Many people are switching to CCTV cameras nowadays. CCTV cameras and Alarm systems helps to keep an eye on what’s going around your house or your business and extend access control in all areas of interest.

One can easily keep a check on its employees, production lines, sales desks or any areas that needs CCTV surveillance, which reduces the chances of robbery, theft or illegal access.

CCTV Camera and security Installation Services allow a secure environment and protects against theft, illegal entry as well as deter criminals in your premises. Crimes can easily be solved using the recordings provided by high resolution CCTV cameras.

Some of the advanced features of CCTV Cameras are –

  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • High Definition Resolution
  • Cloud/Local Recording
  • Video Compression
  • motion sensors
  • Intrusion detection and alarm

We offer a wide range Video Recorders, Access control security equipment, CCTV Cameras and alarm systems depending on various security requirement. It is advisable to always consult our technicians on what best suits and provides all round secure environment for your needs.
The primary purpose of CCTV cameras is to keep an eye on vulnerable or high crime areas. CCTV cameras are also installed in in malls, schools, hospitals, homes and business areas to keep check on people and the staff as well as illegal entry and deter any would be insecurity incidences.

Some of the benefits of CCTV installation services are:-

1. Control on theft – This reduces the chances of theft, and if it happens, it makes it possible to view recordings and use it as evidence. Every business owner wants their business to be protected from unnecessary damage and illegal activities.

Engage us today for a full review for your CCTV surveillance and Security needs. Reach on WhatsApp or a direct call to one of our Security technician on +254713534009.

2. Crime prevention and deterrence – High resolution CCTV cameras function the best by giving you clear images and CCTV footage all day and night long. Criminals always avoid where there are CCTV cameras and alarm systems installed. Our Security solutions provide you 24 hour 360 degrees security.

3. Staff and family security – CCTV cameras and alarm systems help keep an eye and protect critical area where employees or family members are giving you the comfort that you need always.

4. Curb sexual harassment – Sexual harassment is a very common and a real threat nowadays, and it is essential to keep an eye on the areas with a high rate of harassment. CCTV cameras will keep away or prevent wrong people in your premises.

5. Video Recording – CCTV security system gives you the feature to record and store video footage which can be accessed later in case of and security breach or incidence. One can watch the live or recorded video using mobiles phones, control rooms or directly on a CCTV video screen.

With modern CCTV cameras its is possible to view CCTV live recordings remotely anywhere in the world with the integration of cloud connectivity giving you the confidence of complete surveillance and access control at your fingertips.

CCTV Solutions Kenya provides you high-quality CCTV Camera Installation Services all over Kenya. Engage us today for a full review of your CCTV surveillance and Security needs.

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