Installing Risco Alarm System In Kenya

Installing Risco Alarm System In Kenya. What to consider:


Step 1

End Elements

Detectors and operating devices:
Identify various hazards on site via detectors based on innovative technology. There are detectors that alert to home intrusion, while some other detectors identify a range of safety hazards (flooding, gas leak, smoke).

The operating devices in a smart home are components that turn on/off the lights, control the thermostat and open/lock door. These devices which require a wired or wireless connection to the main unit (panel). The number of connections are known as “number of zones”. It is important to remember that the greater the number of zones that are included in a system, the greater the ability to secure and operate more complex, larger buildings.

Step 2

Main Unit (Panel)

This is essentially the system’s “brain”. It is connected to the end components on one side, and to an electricity supply (including a backup power battery) and communication channels (phone line, cellular, and internet) on the other. The panel interacts with the site, processes data, and transmits operating instructions to/from the various devices. There are many types of systems available on the market, from basic systems with 6 to 8 zones, to more complex systems that include up to 32 zones, and large systems, mainly suited for businesses, which offer hundreds of zones.

Control devices

Control Devices

Advanced security & smart home systems can be controlled by various devices, including a keypad (or a touch screen) with a password , remote control, a special key, chip, computer via the internet and a smartphone app that allows receiving pictures/video, operating your smart home devices from anywhere in the world.



It is all about notifying the owner there is a hazard or threat based on the information received from a detector or a device. After information is received, an alert or push notification is sent immediately via a communication channel and/or through activation of a siren or alarm.

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