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Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME2 (2-Wire, 2nd-generation)

Key features:

  • color fisheye camera: 2 MP (180° (H) / 96° (V)),
  • built-in microphone and speaker,
  • built-in IR illuminator,
  • 2 relay outputs (30 V, 1 A),
  • built-in LED-backlit name tag with button,
  • 4 alarm inputs,
  • video enhancement functions: BLC, DNR, WRD,
  • compatibility with DS-KD-XXX frames,
  • extension possibility to up to 8 modules,
  • remote control and management with Hik-Connect app (via monitor station),
  • configuration with iVMS-4200 (v3),
  • 2-Wire communication bus,
  • power: 12 VDC or 24 VDC (2-Wire),
  • necessary cooperating module: DS-KAD706 distributor,
  • functionality of 2nd generation IP video door system.

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Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME2 (2-Wire, 2nd-generation)

DS-KD8003-IME2 is the main module of 2nd generation Hikvision gate/door station, dedicated for work in Hikvision 2-Wire IP video intercom systems. The systems allow power supply and two-way communication using only two wires.
The main unit is equipped with a fisheye camera with a resolution of 2 MP (1920 x 1080) and a wide viewing angle of 180° (horizontal plane). The module has a built-in speaker and microphone for voice communication, and a call button along with name tag. Built-in 2 relays allow for control of a door or entrance gate (the second relay is off by default and is not visible in the system, it must be activated using the iVMS-4200 (v3) application). The built-in IR illuminator ensures good visibility in the event of low lighting.
Remote viewing and opening the door/gate are possible using the Hik-Connect mobile application (via the dedicated monitor that is necessary in the system). The DS-KD8003-IME2 is the main module of the door station enabling further expansion to up to 8 modules and their power supply via the RS485 port. The main module can be supplied with 12 VDC or 24 VDC (2-Wire) .
There is often a need to replace the existing intercom (video) system with a newer one, offering greater functionality and quality. This type of modernization may require replacement of the cabling, e.g. with twisted pair cables for IP systems. The Hikvision video intercom working in 2-Wire standard offers all the possibilities of an IP system. The construction of a small system consists in connecting the main unit (door station) to the G74823 DS-KAD706 distributor and monitor(s) by means of the 2-Wire bus. The 2-Wire bus allows for both powering the devices and establishing communication. The G74823 DS-KAD706 distributor also enables further expansion and connection of the system to a LAN.

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Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME2 (2-Wire, 2nd-generation)
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